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Pool Pump Repair Chandler AZ

If you are searching for pool pump repair, replacement or installation in Chandler, Culligan Pool Care can help! We offer affordable and professional pool pump repair, replacement and installation in Chandler, Arizona. We also offer pool motor repair and replacement. There are a number of reasons why swimming pool pumps break down. Read below to learn more about common pool pump problems and Culligan Pool Care’s pool pump repair solutions, and pool pump repair services.

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Pool Pump Repair Services:


We offer repair and replacement for all brands of pool pump motors. We can repair or replace the motor itself, electrical components, impellers, seals and gaskets. We can perform a pool motor inspection to see if it’s more cost effective to repair the old pool pump motor or to replace it with a variable speed pool pump motor. We provide pool pump repair services for the following pool pumps in Chandler.

  • Hayward Pool Pump Repair
  • Century Pool Pump Repair
  • A.O. Smith Pool Pump Repair
  • Aqua Flo Pool Pump Repair
  • Sta-Rite Pool Pump Repair
  • Pent-Air Pool Pump Repair

Pool Motor Repair Services:


We provide pool motor repair services for the following pool pumps in Chandler.

  • Hayward Pool Motor Repair
  • Century Pool Motor Repair
  • A.O. Smith Pool Motor Repair
  • Aqua Flo Pool Motor Repair
  • Sta-Rite Pool Motor Repair
  • Pent-Air Pool Motor Repair

Pool Motor Replacement Services:


We provide pool motor replacement services for the following pool pumps in Chandler.

  • Hayward Pool Motor Replacement
  • Century Pool Motor Replacement
  • A.O. Smith Pool Motor Replacement
  • Aqua Flo Pool Motor Replacement
  • Sta-Rite Pool Motor Replacement
  • Pent-Air Pool Motor Replacement

Pool Pump Manufacturers and Brands:


We provide pool pump & motor repair and repair services for the following brands.

  • Hayward pumps
  • Century pumps
  • A.O. Smith pumps
  • Aqua Flo pumps
  • Sta-Rite pumps
  • Pent-Air pumps

Pool Pump Installation


Your pool pump keeps your water clean and clear by circulation your pool water through a skimmer and filtration system. Without your pool pump running properly, the water cannot be filtered or circulated. Algae, debris and other bacteria will build up quickly turning your pool water green. A well functioning pool pump should filter efficiently and quietly while circulation your pool water without disturbing you. Culligan Pool Care offers professional and affordable pool pump installation in Chandler, Arizona and surrounding areas.

Why Is My Pool Pump Not Working Properly?


Pool Pump Problems & Repair Solutions ChandlerHere we discover reasons why your pool pump is malfunctioning and what Culligan Pool Care can do to fix it.

Your pool’s pump is one of the most important components of your pool that keeps fresh water & pool chemicals pumping into your pool.

If your pool pump is broken, your pool water can’t be sent through the pool filter and your pool chemicals will not be dispersed evenly. This will eventually leave you with green pool water,  filled with debris and algae. Pool water left with no filter for too long will cause your water to turn green, and eventually need to be drained and refilled again.

To avoid costly green pool cleaning and pool draining, call Culligan Pool Care, the pool pump repair specialists in Chandler, AZ!

Although, if your pool already turned green, you might need more than a simple pool pump repair. Visit our green pool cleaning page for more information about green pool water and it’s damaging effects on your swimming pool.

7 Common Pool Pump Problems & Our Repair Solutions


Read about the most common swimming pool pump problems and pool pump solutions offered by Culligan Pool Care. 

1. Pool Pump Stopped Working After Storm

Why is my pool pump tripping breakers or stopped working after a storm. The most common cause for pool pumps to stop working after a storm is because debris Lodged in your pool pump. Pool pumps suck and pump water with extreme pressures. Sometimes debris gets sucked in along with the water, especially during a storm or hard rain where leaves and branches fall into the water. This can either cause the pump to stop working altogether or make it struggle to pump the water which will eventually cause it to stop working.

Clean out pool pump: We can remove all the debris and material stuck inside your pool pump to make sure it is functioning properly according to its manufacturer specifications. We will also clean any of the remaining debris that is at the bottom of your pool and re-balance to chemicals to make sure your pool water is cleaning efficiently.

2. Pool Pump Not Suctioning or Priming

Why is my pool pump not suctioning or priming? When your pool pump won’t suction or prime, there are usually one of 2 things wrong when your pump won’t prime, either you have a leak or a clog. Leaks can come from the following places: strainer basket cover, leaks in glued fittings, leaks in threaded fittings, and leaks at unions of suction side.Clogs come from the following places: impeller, strainer basket, and skimmer basket.

Fix pool pump leak or clog – We are experts at finding pool pump leaks and clogs. Pump Leak Repair: We will inspect your strainer baskets, glued fittings and threaded fitting for leaks. Pump Clog Repair: We will inspect your impeller, strainer baskets and skimmer baskets for clog and remove any debris clogging up your pump.

3. No Power To The Pool Pump

Electrical Problems: Pool pumps are manufactured to operate at specific amps. If your poop pump is having electrical issues  or not operating at the correct amperage, it can be a safety hazard for you and your loved ones. Electrical issues with your pool pump can cause it to not function properly, or in the worst case scenario, stop working altogether.

Why is my pool pump not working at all? Before you determine that your pump is broken or not working at all, make sure and try flipping the switches and circuit breakers first. Your pool could of tripped a switch causing the power to no longer be sent to the pump. Try flipping the circuit breakers first to see if that gets you back up and running. Tried flipping the switches and the pool pump still won’t turn on? Give us a call and we will send out one of our pool pump repair technicians to inspect it.

Troubleshoot pool pump: We are expert pool pump repair specialist with the knowledge to troubleshoot your pump’s electrical issues and get you back up and running in a flash no matter what the electrical issue is.

4. Pool Pump Leaking

Why is my pool pump leaking? Leaks can come from the following places: strainer basket cover, leaks in glued fittings, leaks in threaded fittings, and leaks at unions of suction side.

Fix leaky pool pump: We will inspect and repair your strainer baskets leaks, glued fittings leaks and threaded fitting leaks.

5. Noisy or Loud Pool Pump

Why is my pool pump making loud noises? Either water is too low or there is a great chance that the bearings are worn out. Pool motor bearings should be replaced every 7-8 years or so. 

Fix Loud Pool Pump: We can refill your water to the adequate level, install a water level control system, and/or inspect your pool motor bearings. We will let you know what is needed if your pool motor bearings are going out.

6. Pool Pump Motor Not Working

Why is my pool pump motor not working? If you pool pump isn’t working at all or is buzzing and not running, the chances are you either have no power to the motor, a jammed pool pump motor, a bad pump capacitor, or your pump motor gets hot and shuts down. Also, there is a chance that your pump is corroded or old and should be replaced with a new one.

Fix pool pump: We will troubleshoot your humming pool pump to see what the issue is. No matter if the problem is electrical, jamming, bad capacitors, or overheating motors, we will find the problem and offer a solution to fix it.

7. Pool Pump Keeps Tripping Breakers

Why does my pool pump keep tripping breakers? The most common causes for pool pumps tripping breakers includes: Your breaker is short circuiting from corrosion or water collect by the pool pump, debris from rain finds its way into the housing and making the motor work harder, moisture from harsh weather conditions, pump rust and wires that aren’t connected to the breaker well enough.

Troubleshoot pool pump: Have a professional pool pump repair specialist inspect for rust, debris, if the pump was completely submerged in water and for proper wire connections.

Schedule Pool Pump Repair Service In Chandler


5 Star Review On Google:Tim runs a great service. He’s never missed a service and he takes time to service my pool when he’s here. He doesn’t rush through it. He does a thorough job and my pool always looks great. He leaves a note every time telling me what he did and if he notices any issues with our pool equipment. Goo service is hard to find but Culligan is a great company that is reliable and who actually cares about doing quality work.Tim N.

5 Star Review On Google: “I would recommend!!! I’ve been living in my house 3-1/2 years one pool guy after another. One of my friends told me about his pool guy so I hired them. He shows up every week and actually cleans the pool. I have never even seen my pool vacuumed before by any other company I didn’t even know that a pool could be vacuumed. Tim the guy who comes out vacuums the pool almost every week! My pool has never looked as good as it does.” Chris Q.

If you have any of the above pool pump problems and live in Chandler, AZ, contact us for repair at 602-419-8164. Culligan Pool Care is able to provide pool pump repairs for swimming pool pumps or spa pump motors on most brands of pools. Culligan Pool Care…Chandler, Arizona’s Pool Pump, Pool Motor, & Pool Repair Experts!

Have questions or concerns regarding pool pump repair? Give us a call today or fill out our quick contact form and one of our professional repair technicians will be in touch with you soon.

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If you are searching for pool pump repair, replacement or installation in Chandler, Culligan Pool Care can help! We offer affordable and professional pool pump repair, replacement and installation in Chandler, Arizona. We also offer pool motor repair and replacement.