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Are you searching for “Pool Filter Repair Chandler” because you believe you have a malfunctioning or broken pool filter? If so, Culligan Pool Care can help!

Is your pool filter broken, making funny noises, or no longer filtering your pool water properly? Call Culligan Pool Care today. We are Chandler’s pool filter repair specialists! To schedule pool filter repair services, give us a call today at 602-419-8164. Take a look at our pool filter cleaning and pool filter repair services. 

Your pool filter cleans & filters out all of the algae, grime, and dirt from your pool water. Having a dirty or broken pool filter allows dirty water to filter back into your swimming pool. Don’t you want clean pool water? The whole purpose of a pool filter is to keep your water clean and swimmable.

Furthermore, clogged pool filters do not allow the water to run efficiently through the pool pump, costing your more money in electricity. In addition, clogged pool filters can cause your pool motor to burn out quicker resulting in needing to be replaced. Swimming pool filter repair and cleaning can help you avoid needing to replace your pool filter altogether.

How often should I get my pool filter cleaned? Pool experts recommend cleaning your pool filter at least 3 times a year.

Professional Pool Filter Cleaning

Professional pool filter cleaning at scheduled intervals keeps your pool water clean, electricity bill low, helps your pool equipment last longer, and help prevent future pool repairs.

Before & After Pool Filter Cleaning

Pool Filter Cleaning Before & After Photo

Pool Filter Repair & Cleaning Services

We can provide pool filter cleaning or pool filter repair on cartridge pool filters, DE pool filters (Diatomaceous Earth), & sand pool filters. 

Pool Filter Repair Chandler AZCartridge Pool Filter Repair & Cleaning

Cartridge pool filters clean your pool water by pumping water through the filter tank. This water gets forced through spun polyester. Spun polyester is great for trapping dirt between its woven fibers. The dirt is simply removed from the polyester by spraying off with a water hose.

*Important – Don’t Clean Your Cartridge Filter  Too Often: Cartridge filters actually work the best when they are a little bit dirty. The dirt trapped between the polyester actually helps the filter catch more dirt. Furthermore, every time your pool filter cartridge gets cleaned, the polyester fibers become looser, lessening their chance of trapping dirt and algae. How often should I get my cartridge pool filter cleaned? You should get cartridge pool filter cleaning once your pool filter’s pressure gauge reach 8-10 pounds over the clean, 8-10lbs over starting pressure, or when flow pressure is reduced.

Pool Filter Repair Chandler AZDE Pool Filter Repair & Cleaning

DE pool filters do not require much assistance in order to keep your pool water clear. Although, if you are trying to clean up thick or green pool water, DE filters may have a bit of trouble.

*Important – Do Not Add Too Much DE: When you first start up your DE filter, only add the recommended amount of Diatomaceous Earth powder, usually about 1 pound of DEO power for every 5 square feet of surface area of your filter. Backwash your DE filter, and cut that amount in half.

Pool Filter Repair Chandler AZSand Pool Filter Repair

Sand pool filters use a special grade of sand to trap bacteria and dirt that gets passed through the sand bad. Sand filters are cleaned by backwashing (switching the direction of the water to pump in reverse) to wash out all the bacteria and algae.

*Important – Don’t Backwash Your Sand Filter Too Often: Sand filters also work best when there is a little bit on dirt in the sand, it helps trap more dirt. There is such a thing as your sand filter being too clean. Include backwashing in your regular pool maintenance schedule instead of waiting until your pressure gauge gets too high.

Pool Filter Cleaning Regiments

Cartridge pool filters should be cleaned at least 3 times per year. These types of pool filters do not need to be backwashed (reversing the flow of water in your filter to flush dirt, algae, and grime out), so it is important that you clean cartridge pool filters as often as possible. Best times to clean cartridge type pool filters is during the busiest swimming times in Mar, Jun, & Sep.

Diatomaceous Earth filters (D.E. Filters) need to be backwashed as often as needed (before pressure reaches 10psi or higher than its normal meter level). DE filters should be inspected and cleaned every 6 months.

Sand pool filters can be backwashed as often as needed. Sand filters should have their sand replaced every 3 to 5 years.

Pool Filter Repair Chandler AZSchedule Your Pool Filter Repair In Chandler

5 Star Review On Google:Tim runs a great service. He’s never missed a service and he takes time to service my pool when he’s here. He doesn’t rush through it. He does a thorough job and my pool always looks great. He leaves a note every time telling me what he did and if he notices any issues with our pool equipment. Goo service is hard to find but Culligan is a great company that is reliable and who actually cares about doing quality work.Tim N.

5 Star Review On Google: “I would recommend!!! I’ve been living in my house 3-1/2 years one pool guy after another. One of my friends told me about his pool guy so I hired them. He shows up every week and actually cleans the pool. I have never even seen my pool vacuumed before by any other company I didn’t even know that a pool could be vacuumed. Tim the guy who comes out vacuums the pool almost every week! My pool has never looked as good as it does.” Chris Q.

Our pool filter repair professional in Chandler, Arizona are ready to take on any project you can throw at us. Give us a call today at 602-419-8164 to schedule your pool filter repair or pool filter cleaning. Read our 5 star pool filter repair reviews on Google. 

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Are you searching for “Pool Filter Repair Chandler” because you believe you have a malfunctioning or broken pool filter? If so, Culligan Pool Care can help!