Troubleshooting Pool Heater Problems In Chandler Arizona

Here we help you troubleshoot the pool heater problem: “Pool Heater Shutting Off Before Reaching Temp

Troubleshooting: Pool Heater Shutting Off Before Reaching Temp

Does your heater turn off before water warms to your preferred temperature? This could be caused from improperly set timers or dirty filters. When the filter is dirty, it prevents a heater from properly firing. Simply ensure the filter is cleaned and that the temperature switch is in the ON position, and high enough the heater fires up. Resetting the heater allows your heater to run longer as well. Also, you should check system valves to ensure they’re positioned correctly. If the issue is not resolved, ensure the correct heater size is being used for the pool. If your heater size is too small, it will not properly heat the pool. Your pool’s manufacturer manual will provide the recommended heater size for the pool.

Professional Solutions For “Pool Heaters Shutting Off Before Reaching Temp” In Chandler, Arizona

If you can’t figure out how to get your pool heater to stop shutting off before reaching tempe, hire Culligan Pool Care to fix it for you. We offer professional pool heater repair in Chandler, Arizona.