Troubleshooting Pool Heater Problems In Chandler Arizona

Pool heater problems will keep you from heating your pool water to the correct temperature or keep you from heating it at all. In the event your swimming pool heater malfunctions, it can be complicated to troubleshoot the issue without proper knowledge and experience. Here we will show you the most common pool heater problems and help you learn how to troubleshoot your pool heater.

First, the location of the issue needs to be determined, which part of the heating system caused the malfunction? While this step may not always require calling the technician, it is recommended to at least review the manufacturer service manual prior to starting the troubleshooting phase, to be familiar with the parts and functions.

Common Pool Heater Problems In Chandler

Here are the most common pool problems experienced by Chandler pool heater owners:

  • Electric pool heater not working
  • My pool heat pump is running but not heating
  • My Hayward pool heater won’t ignite
  • My Pentail pool heater cycles on and off
  • My pool heater shuts off before reaching the right temperature
  • My pool heater is not heating water

Troubleshooting Broken Pool Heaters

Here we will show you how to troubleshoot your broken pool heater.

Pool Heater Not Working Or Wont Stay On 

First, try cleaning the filter and turning your thermostat up, try turning on the heater. When filters are dirty it can cause law pressure, which can result in the heater being turned off by the pressure switch…

Troubleshoot: Pool Heater Not Working

My Pool Heater Shuts Off Before Reaching  The Right Temperature 

Does your heater turn off before water warms to your preferred temperature? This could be caused from improperly set timers or dirty filters. When the filter is dirty, it prevents a heater from properly…

Troubleshoot: Pool Heaters Shutting Off Before Reaching Temp

Pool Heater Making Noises

There are times when heaters may create strange noises, like whines, bangs, or grinding sounds. First, check the system filters and hoses. It is possible for debris to result in knocking or whining noises when…

Troubleshoot: Pool Heater Making Noises

Professional Pool Heater Repair Services In Chandler, Arizona

If you are searching for “Pool Heater Repair Near Me” in Chandler, Arizona or can’t figure out how to repair your pool heater, Culligan Pool Care is the pool repair company for you! Read more about our pool heater repair services in Chandler. If your pool heater is malfunctioning, this can be a major health concern. If you looked and are unable to locate the source of the problem, or unsure about the procedures, you should call your pool manufacturer or a technician for help.

Without proper training, you should not attempt to repair or replace gas or electrical problems on your own. A gas valve malfunction or faulty wiring are issues for experts. Turn the power off to your heater and give a technician a call if the problem is determined to be one of these. Also, if you are unable to get the pool heater to power off, it could be an indication of a serious and dangerous issue that needs to be professionally handled.