Troubleshooting Pool Heater Problems In Chandler Arizona

Here we help you troubleshoot the pool heater problem: “Pool Heater Not Working Or Staying On

Troubleshooting: Pool Heater Not Working or Won’t Stay On

First, try cleaning the filter and turning your thermostat up, try turning on the heater. When filters are dirty it can cause law pressure, which can result in the heater being turned off by the pressure switch. On gas heaters, check shut-off valves to make sure it is open to provide the required fuel supply. On electric units, ensure tight electrical connects, and that terminals have no corrosion.

If these do not correct the issue, look at the transformer by connecting one voltmeter lead to a transformer terminal, while using the other lead to touch the other terminal. Transformers should read between 20 and 28 volts. A lower reading could indicate a voltage supply issue, or a problem with the transformer.

Keeping the lead attached to the common terminal or ground, next you should check the circuitry connection. Start with checking safety fuses, followed by the high limit switch and pressure switch. If voltage is detected, the parts are fine. If no voltage appears, they should be replaced.

Professional Solutions For “Pool Heater Not Working” In Chandler, Arizona

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