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Green Pool Cleaning Gilbert AZ

Are you searching for “Green Pool Cleaning Gilbert“, while looking for pool cleaning experts to clean up your green pool water in Gilbert, Arizona? If so, Culligan Pool Care can help! Give us a call today at (602) 419-8164 to schedule green pool cleaning service.

Is your pool filled with black algae or green pool water? Have you tried DIY green pool cleaning methods only to still have clouded or foggy water? If you’ve tried everything you can and still have a yucky looking pool, let the experts at Culligan Pool Care clean it up for you. Our green pool cleaning service is top notch and is sure to leave you with clean and clear pool water again. Read more below if you would like to learn more about why your pool water turned green in the first place.

Why Is My Pool Water Green?

There are 3 common reasons why pool water turns green. Let’s take a look at each reason below.

  1. Pool Chemical Imbalance

Proper chemical balance of your water is important to keep out algae and bacteria. If the pH level of your pool water isn’t between 7.2-7.8, your water will not be able to kill off the algae or bacteria, which will allow them to spread throughout your pool, leaving you with green pool water. High pH levels will keep the chlorine from killing off the algae. Low pH levels will make the water become acidic and erod metal and plastic components overtime. Also, acidic pool water is unsafe to swim in.

Solution: Have Culligan Pool Care come out and clean up your green pool water, then add the correct amount of pool chemicals to your water to keep it swimmable and bacteria free.

  1. Pool Filter Clogged

If you think you chemicals are adequate and are still having a problem with green, black or yellow pool water, you might have a clogged pool filter. If you pool filter is clogged, it can’t filter out the tiny algae and bacteria that’s contaminating your swimming pool water. Let a pool filter go clogged for too long and it will eventually change the color of your pool water from blue to green.

Solution: Have our pool technicians come out and inspect your pool filter for clogging or damage. We offer pool filter cleaning and replacement services.

  1. Weather & Plant Life Contamination

If you pool chemicals are balanced and your pool filter is clean, the only thing left is weather and plant life contamination. Are there plants or trees that hang over your pool? Well that tree or plant could be dropping leaves or flowers in the pool water. Plant life can alter the pH level of your pool, leaving it wide open to algae and bacteria.

Solution: We can cut back the plants and trees that are dropping leaves in your water. While we are doing that, another one of our techs will be adding the adequate amount of chemicals to get your pool cleaning itself again.

Green Pool Cleaning Methods

We offer 2 methods of safe green pool cleaning to get your water clean and clear.

Chemical Cleaning Method

This method includes shocking your swimming pool with multiple gallons of liquid chlorine. This process takes place over a couple days and will be accompanied by cleaning and backwashing your pool filter multiple times to ensure all of the bacteria and algae are removed during and after cleaning. If the chlorine isn’t enough to clear it up, we will add a touch of algaecide to get the water crystal clear. We then re-balance the pool water to ensure all pool chemicals are at their proper levels.

Draining & Cleaning Method

If you cannot see the bottom of your pool, the draining and cleaning method might be your only option. Once the water is fully drain, we clean out all of the debris and stains on your pool walls to get rid of the remaining contamination. If chlorine isn’t enough to remove the stains, you have the option of taking advantage of our acid washing services to clean the remaining stains from pool walls, surfaces and tiles. After the stain removal process, we then fill the pool with fresh clean water and add the adequate amount of chemicals to get it cleaning itself again. We will try everything we can before offering the draining and cleaning method.

Our Service Area

We service clients all over the Gilbert, Arizona area including pool owners who live close to the following areas, including, but not limited to:

Gilbert, Arizona Zip Codes: 85233, 85234, 85296, 85295, 85297, 85298

East & West: W Guadalupe Rd, E Elliot Rd, E Warner Rd, W Ray Rd, E Chandler Blvd, E Pecos Rd, E Germann Rd, E Queen Creek Rd

North & South: N McQueen Rd, S Cooper Rd, S Gilbert Rd, S Lindsay Rd, S Val Vista Dr, S Greenfield Rd, S Highley Rd, N Recker Rd

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