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Before & After Green Pool Cleaning Chandler

Are you tired of looking at your green pool water and want a reliable green pool cleaning company in Chandler, Arizona to clear it up for you?

Well, you’re in luck! Culligan Pool Care is a full service swimming pool company providing green pool cleaning services to Chandler, AZ residents and the surrounding East Phoenix Valley.

Why Did My Pool Water Turn Green?

Your pool water turned green for 1 of 3 reasons.

  1. Improper Pool Chemical Balances

The pH of your swimming pool water must be within 7.2 to 7.8 on the pH scale in order to kill algae adequately. Chances are, your swimming pool has an improper pH balance and is low on chlorine. Chlorine is the main pool chemical that kills the algae that’s turning your pool green.  If the Chlorine and pH levels of your pool water are not properly managed properly, it can cause one of two things to happen.

If your pH levels are too high: The chlorine cannot kill the bacteria and will cause scale buildup of minerals like calcium and others.
If your pH levels are too low: The water becomes acidic and will erode metal components and other plastics over-time.

Culligan Pool Care will properly balance your pool chemical levels in order to clean up your green pool and leave you with sparkling clean pool water.

  1. Clogged Pool Filter

We usually check the pool chemical levels first, but not all pools turn green because of improper pH levels. Sometimes, a clogged fuel filter is the culprit. If your pool filter is clogged, it cannot strain out the algae and other debris that are contaminating your pool water which eventually builds up and changes the color of your pool.

  1. Plants Leafs and Weather

Plant leafs falling into the water provide food for the algae. Also, algae flourishes in warmer humid temperatures. Regular chorine isn’t always enough to kill all of the algae buildup in your swimming pool. If your pH levels are on point and you still have green pool water, its most likely do to algae buildup and just needs a proper dose of algaecide.

Green pools don’t stand a chance with Culligan Pool Care. We can turn your green pool clear fast in as little as a couple days!

We offer 2 Options for Green Pool Cleaning:

Chemical Method: The chemical green pool cleaning process includes shocking your pool water by adding multiple gallons of liquid chlorine into your pool over the course of a couple days, accompanied by cleaning secondary filters and backwashing the main pool filter multiple times to ensure the system does not get clogged. If the chlorine isn’t enough, we will also add in algaecide to kill of the rest of the algae. This process should only be done by pool care professionals, unless you have years of experience. You don’t want to damage your expensive pool filter. After the algae is removed, we then re-balance the pool water to a healthy swimmable level again. If you can still see the bottom of your pool, give us a call now before its gets more expensive to fix. The next method is going to cost you a bit more to remedy.

Draining Method: Can you see the bottom of your pool? If you can’t, chances are we might have to completely drain the pool instead of just chlorinating it. After we drain the water, we clean out all of the debris and perform a chlorine blast in order to kill the remaining bacteria and algae. If your pool was left green too long there’s a good chance there will be stains left of the pool walls or pool tile. Chlorine alone is not enough to completely remove the stains and require an acid bath for complete removal. After we remove the stains, we then refill the water and properly balance your pool chemical levels. We know this sounds like a hefty job but this process is something we do every day and can make this a stress free venture for you. Keep in mind that draining is the last resort and we’ll try everything we can do before draining.

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