Electric Pool Heater Problems

Learn more about the most common electric pool heater problems.

Water Flow Is Low

Low water flow is the number 1 problem when your pool heater or pool pump is not working. We will check that all of your valves are open and that your heat pump is getting plenty of water flow. We will also make sure the filter has been back-washed/cleaned. Dirty pool filters can decrease water flow to your heater.

Air Temps Low Ambient

If it is below 50 degrees outside, you cannot operate your pool heater. You have to wait unit the ambient temperatures at least reach 50 degrees before your pool heater will work correctly.

0 Power

Tripped breakers are the number 1 issue when your pool heater wont power on. If it is an electrical issue, you’re going to need to hire a pool contractor  or electrical contractor that is licensed in electrical work.

Thermostat Set Too Low

Not sure what temperature your pool heater should be set to. No problem, we can inspect your pool heater to make sure you have the adequate temperature set and that everything is running efficiently.

Freon Pressure Too Low

You will receive this error code if it is too cold outside to heat the pool water. Remember, the outside temperatures have to be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit to turn on your heat pump.

Freon Pressure Too High

If the Freon pressure is too high, you will receive a code to let you know that the water is either too low or there isn’t enough water flow to the heater for removal of heat from the heat exchanger. We will also inspect to make sure you do not have a bad water valve. Some water valves can look open but are actually closed inside of pipe.

Heater Covered In Ice

If your unit is covered in ice, then it must be below 50 degrees outside. ” In order to take heat out of the air, the refrigerant inside the heat pump’s evaporator tubes must be about 10  to 15°F COLDER THAN THE AIR so at about 42 to almost 50°F (5°C) air temperature the heat pumps outside coil is approaching 32°F (FREEZING-0°C) and any moisture in the air will begin to FREEZE on the coil and ice it up.” Pool Heat Pumps

Professional Pool Heater Repair Services In Chandler, Arizona

If you  can’t figure out how to repair your pool heater, Culligan Pool Care is the pool repair company for you! Read more about our pool heater repair servicesin Chandler. If your pool heater is malfunctioning, this can be a major health concern. If you looked and are unable to locate the source of the problem, or unsure about the procedures, you should call your pool manufacturer or a technician for help.