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Salt Water Pool Cleaning Before & After


If you are searching for “salt water pool service“, “salt water pool cleaning“, “salt water pool maintenance“, “salt water pool repair” or “salt water pool service near me” on Google search while looking for saltwater pool companies in your area, Culligan Pool Care can help!

We provide saltwater pool service & repair in Chandler, Arizona (residential and commercial saltwater swimming pools). Give us a call today at 602-419-8164 to schedule saltwater pool service in Chandler, Arizona.

Saltwater Pool Service

The experts at Culligan Pool Care are professionals at saltwater pool cleaning and offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly saltwater pool service packages. Our pool service packages include chemical testing and balance, backwashing pool filter, your choice of regimen, brushing pool walls, cleaning skimmer baskets and more.

We also have regimens for pool equipment maintenance to keep your pool equipment working at maximum capacity. If you want need Saltwater Pool looking clean for the summer, Let Culligan Pool Care handle all of your pool service, cleaning and maintenance duties for you.

Pool Service Reviews

I would recommend!!! I’ve been living in my house 3-1/2 years one pool guy after another. One of my friends told me about his pool guy so I hired them. He shows up every week and actually cleans the …
Chris Q.Pool ServiceChandler, Arizona

Saltwater Pool Cleaners in Chandler

Saltwater pools in Chandler, Arizona require special treatment when it comes to cleaning, chemical water treatment and pool maintenance. Saltwater pools are cleaned by a saltwater Chlorine generator which turns the salt into chlorine, which sanitizes the water. Just like a chlorine pool, your saltwater pool should maintain proper Alkalinity, pH, Stabilizer levels and Calcium Hardness in order to prevent formation of scale and to maximize your pool’s sanitizing effectiveness.

Myth: Saltwater pools require no maintenance?

False, your saltwater pool system still needs regular maintenance but if you saltwater system is properly cared for, the maintenance will be less work than a traditional chlorine pool, but it requires the knowledge of professionals to do so.

Pool salesman will tell you that saltwater pools don’t need pool maintenance. That’s false, Saltwater pool water needs to be chemically tested and balanced just like chlorine pool water does. In order for your saltwater pool to be deemed “clean”, salt levels, pH, alkaline and stabilizer levels have to be accurate. Without maintenance, your pool water will start turning green like any chlorine pool would do. Our saltwater pool cleaners are experts in saltwater pool care and have the knowledge and experience necessary to take care of yours.

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Saltwater Pool Repair Chandler

Culligan Pool Care offers saltwater pool repair in Chandler. We can diagnose and repair the most common pool problems your saltwater pool system and have experience in repairing and installing most manufacturers’ pool equipment, including:

  • Hayward
  • Pentair
  • AutoPilot
  • Zodiac
  • Jandy
  • Goldline
  • Reliant
  • Eco-Matic
  • Resilience
  • Breeze

Saltwater Pool Pump Repair

There are a number of reasons why swimming pool pumps break down. If your pool pump is broken, your pool water can’t be sent through the pool filter and your pool chemicals will not be dispersed evenly. Culligan Pool Care can repair or replace your pool pump. Read more about Saltwater Pool Pump Repair.

Saltwater Pool Filter Repair

Is your pool filter brokenmaking funny noises, or no longer filtering your pool water properly? We can provide pool filter cleaning or pool filter repair on cartridge pool filters, DE pool filters (Diatomaceous Earth), & sand pool filters. Culligan Pool Care can repair or replace your pool filter. Read more about Saltwater Pool Filter Repair.

Saltwater Pool Heater Repair

We repair all types of pool heaters including the, Hayward models (H400FDN, H100lD1, CSPAXl11, H150FDP, HP50TA), Zodiac models (Jandy LXi, LRZ250EP), Eco Saver, Pentair, and Sta-Rite (SR400NA) brands of pool heaters. Read more about Saltwater Pool Heater Repair.

Green Saltwater Pool Cleaning

Having a green saltwater pool can be an eyesore. Plus, no one wants to swim in green pool water! Your saltwater pool can turn green for many reasons including: a lot of people swimming, storms, leaves falling into the pool etc. Most salt water pools have an option to boost its chlorine output to 100% for 24 hours but what happens when that doesn’t work? You need professional saltwater green pool cleaning services! We will add all of the necessary shock and algaecide chemicals it will take to clean up your green pool water.

Schedule Saltwater Pool Cleaning Services In Chandler

Pool Cleaner ReviewTim runs a great service. He’s never missed a service and he takes time to service my pool when he’s here. He doesn’t rush through it. He does a thorough job and my pool always looks great. He leaves a note every time telling me what he did and if he notices any issues with our pool equipment. Goo service is hard to find but Culligan is a great company that is reliable and who actually cares about doing quality work.” Tim N.

Interested in finding out what our saltwater pool services in Chandler can do for your swimming pool? Give us a call today at 602-419-8164 to schedule saltwater pool service in Chandler, Arizona. We also provide chlorine pool servicepool maintenancegreen pool cleaning, pool tile cleaningpool repair and more.

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If you are searching for "salt water pool service", "salt water pool cleaning", "salt water pool matinenance", "salt water pool repair" or "salt water pool service near me", Culligan Pool Care can help!